We are a company dedicated to transforming your hair into the best that it can be with a goal to make all hair types both beautiful and healthy.
Righteous Roots is a woman-owned business that was created in 2015 with the launch of Righteous Roots Rx, after our founder's father suddenly passed away. 

Needing a positive change and something to focus her energy on, she became a certified trichologists and decided to throw away her flat iron and build a curly hair regime. Righteous Roots was then born - researching different oils from her phone, blending them on her bedroom floor, and tweaking her handmade formula in a notebook made her realize she had found a new passion. 

She then started to host "hair parties" in her friends' backyards and living rooms to sell Rx bottles in person, but Instagram is what helped Righteous Roots become a known name in the curly girl world.

Since then, we have won various Naturally Curly awards, donated to charities that help communities worldwide, and inspired curly girls of all races and textures to embrace their hair, one scalp massage at a time! 

Begin your journey now!