Each year we ask thousands of our community members what their favorite products are for our annual Best of the Best and they vote on their holy grails and even share a few newbies that have helped improve their hair for the best. This year, Righteous Roots RX took home the gold for several categories including the best hair oil, hair growth treatment, scalp treatment and multi- use product. With so many curlies raving about this product we had to see what the hype was all about. From postpartum hair loss to traction alopecia, 5 curly girls with various hair textures share their hair growth journey using the Righteous Roots Rx oil. These transformations will blow your mind. Scroll down to learn more about this miraculous oil that is taking the curly world by storm helping curlies all around the globe grow long, healthy hair.

Amanda @mandapanda_xo


Image: @mandapanda_xo

I have been using Righteous Roots for three years now. This oil has definitely helped my hair so much throughout these years, so much that I even carry a bottle with me in my purse! There's so many ways to use Righteous Roots! You can use it to pre-poo, scalp massage, to seal your ends, scrunch out your gel cast, etc. My personal favorite way of using this liquid gold however is for my scalp massages!

I take 2-3 drops of oil on my hand or apply some directly into my fingertips and I scalp massage for at least a good 5 minutes every night. You can also use a scalp massager and apply some onto it if you don't wish to use your hands. Scalp massages are such a great way to promote hair growth and of course, relax after a long day.


Doing my nightly scalp massages has increased my hair growth tremendously to the point where my thinning/balding edges due to a surgery I had a few years back that caused quite a bit of hair loss, have made a complete recovery. Righteous Roots has also helped me combat my dandruff. Whenever I feel my scalp is extra dry and/or itchy I immediately add a little of Righteous Roots and my scalp is instantly soothed. It has been a very long time since I've had any scabs on my scalp or serious flaking!



Dominique @powerdomi

 Image: @powerdomi

I use Righteous Roots to massage my scalp 2 to 3 times a week. I get especially generous with it on the weekend before I'm due to wash my hair. I give myself an extra thorough scalp massage and even do a "pre poo" treatment sometimes as well.

 I have found that since I've incorporated regular scalp massages with this oil my hair not only grows at a much quicker speed than before, but I've noticed that I seem to have twice the amount of hair that I used to. I don't know whether I actually have MORE hair or just thicker hair (because it's still fine) but it's visually the impression I get.

My scalp has never been healthier, the proof being the speed at which my hair grows at now. I don't suffer from flaky or itchy scalp, it gives me zero issues.

I would urge wavies who are uncertain about oils to give scalp massages an earnest try because the RR blend is not overly heavy when used correctly. Anybody wanting faster hair growth NEEDS to scalp massage more frequently and RR makes it so easy ( the thin dispenser tip with adjustable nozzle is so, so handy). I would also urge wavies to try pre poo treatments before washing their hair. Some of my absolute best wash day results have started with a RR pre poo, the impact this has is not to be underestimated!


 Verna @themestizamuse


I’ve been using Righteous Roots going on 3 years. Prior to transitioning to my natural hair, my hair was on a continuous cycle of chemical use and self-inflicted damage. I used relaxers, bleach, flat irons, curling irons, hair extensions, Dominican blowouts, keratin treatments, dealt with mechanical stress, bad hair care products, etc. In 2017, I got highlights added to my hair, but unbeknownst to me, my stylist used a new bleach which nearly damaged my curls. I literally had to transition all over again. And RR helped get the health of my curls back! I was losing so much hair on a daily basis, literally was on the verge of going bald, so I thought my hair was beyond hope. Since using RR, my scalp is healthy, my hair is thriving—it’s stronger and more resilient.

I use RR in three ways; as a scalp massage treatment, as a pre-poo oil treatment, and as a detangler. I massage my entire scalp with a small amount of oil for approximately 4 minutes, sometimes more, at least 3-4 times a week.


As a pre-poo oil treatment, I divide my hair in small sections. I rub my hands together to spread the oil from root to tip. Then work the oil into my hair using my fingertips. At the same time I finger detangle my hair to remove any knots or tangles.

For over 20 years, my go to hairstyles were either tightly pulled ponytails or buns. In 2016, I incorporated RR into my regimen and used it to massage my scalp for at least 4-5 times a week consistently. In approximately 2 months, I started seeing the hair growing back at my temples, where it was completely bald. Then, I noticed other parts of my hair growing back as well.


Bella @def_curls



I have been using Righteous Roots oils since 2016. Growing up in the 80’s, my relationship with oil went from using hot oil treatments available at the local drug store to smothering my hair with conditioning/hair dress pomades. The use of oils & conditioning pomades on my curly hair became an issue for my hair stylist who would occasionally blow dry my hair. It only took one time for her to tell me to stay away from oils and so I did. To my stylist, I was making it difficult for her to blow dry my hair with my overuse of oils, which I can understand, considering the state of my hair back then and my inexperience. I now firmly believe that it was not only the low quality of the products that I was using, but also how I incorrectly used them that did not allow my hair to flourish. My hair did not touch oil again until 2016 when I tried Righteous Roots for the first time. At that point, I was in a different state of mind. I was embracing my natural curls and I was excited to see what my hair's full potential could be. I was willing to give oils another try, willing to learn the benefits of using a good oil, and willing to learn how to properly incorporate oils into my hair routine. Finding a product like Righteous Roots, a product that saved me the trouble of having to make a DIY concoction and more importantly a product that works, was a huge plus for me! I learned how to properly use it and how to get its full benefits. Because the oil is simply an incredible product, it is a win-win situation for me (and my hair).

"I look back at old photos and it amazes me to see how now in my 40’s my hair is healthier than it was in my 20s. The Righteous Roots brand and their oil has changed my life."

I use Righteous Roots oil to massage my scalp about 2-3 times a week. A scalp massager may be used for added stimulation. I also use the oil once a month as a hot oil treatment. I do my RR hot oil treatments on clean dry hair. If I style my hair and a gel cast forms, I use a small amount RR oil to scrunch out the crunch (I add a few drops to my fingertips). On wash days when my hair is extremely tangled, you better believe that I am reaching for RR to pre-poo. My hair tangles terribly, especially by my nape. The oil is a tremendous help and helps reduce wash day hair loss. Last, but not least, I add RR to some of my deep conditioning treatments. I activate it with heat so that my hair gets the full benefits of its ingredients. The oil works very well with heating caps and hair steamers.


Angeliah @ange_liah



I started using Righteous Roots RX oil almost 3 yrs ago towards the end of my pregnancy. I was super discouraged and depressed over the condition my hair was in so I didn’t get my hopes up too high. Within 1 month I noticed a drastic change. My hair was so much more manageable and the areas where I experienced the most breakage began growing back.

Today, I use RR oil as a deep conditioning treatment weekly. Usually in the sauna with a shower cap to really lock in the moisture. I always and I mean ALWAYS use RR oil as a pre-poo on wash day. It melts the tangles and single strand knots making detangling so much easier. At night I massage my scalp for 10 minutes with a little RR oil on the tips of my fingers and that helps promote hair growth.

“The RR oil worked a miracle on my hair. I first noticed the shedding during my detangling sessions was minimal whereas before it was excessive. My hair strands looked noticeably stronger and longer.”

I’m a Mother of 4 and with my first three pregnancies my hair looked amazing. I was expecting the same outcome with my fourth and was in for a rude awakening. In fact my hair was the complete opposite. It was awful, drier than ever and broke off very easily. My hair looked nothing like my previous pregnancies. I went from waist length hair to bra strap length in a matter of months (tears). The advice I would give is to be proactive about caring for your hair early on. Your hormones are so out of wack you have no clue how your hair will react to the changes your body is going through. Just a little extra TLC and Righteous Roots RX should do the trick!

It's no secret that healthy hair starts at the root and these women have proven that to be true by sharing their honest experiences using Righteous Roots Rx oil which has countless benefits in growing strong healthy hair. No matter where your journey may lead, your curls can always bounce back.

Have you tried Righteous Roots? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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